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There are several types of headaches and migraines, all of which can interfere with your life. Headaches cause pain that can range from mild to severe and they affect everyone differently. Some headaches include other symptoms such as vomiting or nausea and sensitivity to light. Common headaches are usually described as generally mild, but that isn’t always the case. Tension headaches are best described as painful with pressure on the top, sides and front of the head. Episodic tension headaches occur fewer than 15 times per month, and chronic tension headaches occur more than 15 times per month. These types of headaches can occur on and off throughout the day, worse upon awakening and they can cause fatigue and mild muscle aches.
Cluster headaches can also take a toll on the body. This type of headache can occur at the same time each day or night and typically last 30 to 90 minutes. Some patients experience longer or shorter cluster headaches, depending on the person. Pain is usually isolated to behind one eye and the area surrounding it, and they can cause a burning and/or throbbing sensation. Sinus headaches cause a constant pain in the sinus cavity area in the forehead, cheekbones, and the bridge of the nose. This pain is usually described as deep, constant, or piercing. Symptoms can include feelings of stuffiness in the ears, the face swelling, and fever.
Dr. David Wootton is concerned with your needs and the desire to find relief from your headaches. He knows some headaches can cause immobility. Migraines can be heredity, or they can be isolated to one person in the family. They are very intense and can last for days. Some patients believe headaches will just eventually go away on their own. While this is possible in some cases, it is not the same for each person. If a migraine strikes, you may feel several symptoms that are moderate to severe. You may feel that the most subtle sound is the loudest noise you've ever heard. Light, and even certain smells, can cause agony. Dizziness, mild to chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, paleness, blurred vision, and seeing spots are a few of the symptoms. If you have experienced any of these symptoms with a headache, please come in or give us a call today.
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