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Lumbar / Cervical Decompression - Neck Pain

Cervical decompression involves non-surgical techniques to relieve or eliminate neck pain. Generally, for moderate to severe pain, this procedure includes stretching the neck slowly. Over a series of visits, the decompression becomes dominant, helping the vertebrae stretch the discs that are causing pain. Dr. David Wootton cares about your condition and has a treatment plan customized for every patient. All neck pain is unique, and it is important to continue follow up visits as directed once you have begun the procedure for cervical decompression.
There are many forms of neck pain. Some people feel pressure, numbing, tingling, loss of feeling, pain, and paralysis. For many, surgery is not an option, but with cervical decompression for neck pain, you’ll experience relief in multiple areas. This procedure brings nutrients from the body to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Bulging and herniated discs can become renewed and healthy, allowing proper blood flow to the areas needed. Over time, patients experience improved movement and mobility. Other areas of the body that have been affected by overcompensating can include shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers; they may experience numbness or tingling. Some people have lost feeling in certain areas all together, and this procedure can bring relief in most cases.
When neck pain affects your everyday routines and interferes with your family life or social life, treatment is definitely necessary. Regaining strength and agility are important for recovery. You will receive exceptional care every time you enter our office. Our goal is to get you back to a normal state of living and free you from your pain and agitation.
At The Wootton Clinic with Dr. Wootton, you'll have a consultation to see if you qualify for non-surgical cervical decompression. We are here to help you succeed and get you back on track. We know neck pain can stop you from doing things you love to do. If you have tried other techniques, or even surgery, and all have failed, don’t give up! Call or stop by today and make an appointment with our outstanding team of professionals.
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