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Chiropractic Treatment Techniques and Therapies

Physical therapy and other techniques can play an important role in managing your strength and mobility. Many patients seek physical therapy for a number of reasons including help with walking, running, bending, stretching, and lifting. You do not have to suffer from an injury to benefit from physical therapy. At The Wootton Clinic with Dr. David Wootton, you can express your concerns and goals, and we will help you get back on track to achieve your goals.
Physical therapy works by using non-invasive and non-medical tools to restore strength to either an isolated area, or your entire body. This means you work closely with your therapist. Therapy can benefit you after an injury from a sport, or help you achieve general mobility, strength, and flexibility. Most commonly, patients seek physical therapy for issues with their back, neck, arthritis in their joints, balance, bladder or bowel movement problems, or knee, shoulder, and head injuries.
Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) involves light that is emitted through a device. The light is cold, not warm, or hot like some therapy machines. It radiates a low level of light through the skin, reaching the cells to help them regenerate and heal themselves. This technique is primarily used for patients who have mild pain or discomfort, and for people who do not like to take medications. The Pierce-Stillwagon Technique (PST) includes a system of analyzing data and x-rays and then adjusting the spine to help correct certain issues.
Manual adjustments are used to adjust the body physically, specifically the back and neck. Adjusting can provide instant relief for most patients and a treatment plan that includes regular visits can maintain or improve the results. Adjusting the spine helps the vertebrae return to a more normal state and allows the body to feel a sense of relief. Very skillful hands should do manual adjusting, as it is a procedure specified for physical contact. Treatment can include techniques such as the Toggle Drop, Lumbar Roll, Release Work, table adjustments, and instrument adjustments. These techniques have provided pain relief for many patients. The Palmer Package also refers to specific techniques which include the Toggle Recoil, Gonstead, Thompson, and Diversified. These techniques are taught by the Palmer College of Chiropractic to develop perfection in the skills needed to address patients’ issues properly. Dr. Wootton invites you for a consultation to discover if any of these procedures could help you.
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