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Poor Posture

Poor posture can be simply defined as not standing up straight. To see an example of good posture, look how a small child stands. They stand upright, with no arching involved. Examples of poor posture include shoulders hunched over, the pelvic area pushed back and the bottom raised up, or the head and neck arched forward. The majority of the time, poor posture is the result of years of not using the muscles that help us stand up straight. The ways we grow, and the habits we develop, contribute to how well we maintain good posture throughout our lives.

Good posture equals good health

It can be easy to question the real importance of good posture. This trait is important to far more than simply how you look. Good posture is actually a part of being healthy and fit. When the body is held as it should be, without arching, the bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles can all work in unison as they were intended to do. The harmony maintained with good posture allows the nervous system, as well as vital organs, to work at optimal efficiency.

When posture is lacking, the energy that flows through the body is impacted in a negative way. There are long term effects of poor posture, felt in areas such as the joints and ligaments, muscles, even breathing and digestion. The excess energy needed to operate with poor posture often leaves one feeling fatigued.

Overcoming poor posture can be simple for some and complex for others. The muscles in your stomach, back, and neck all need to be kept in shape over the years to maintain their strength. If these muscles relax more than they work, they become weak and the first signs of poor posture become evident. Some people do not realize they have poor posture until they feel pain or strain. Muscles are an important part of our bodies. If muscles are not stretched often, they can have spasms or tear from the lack of use. Therefore, if a person does not stand up straight or slouches when they are sitting, the muscles will weaken over time, causing pain and changing good posture to bad. Age and certain conditions such as arthritis and degenerative bone diseases can impact your posture.

At The Wootton Clinic, Dr. David Wootton helps patients understand how posture affects the body and overall health. Eating healthy nutritious meals, and exercising regularly, facilitates good posture. We will provide a treatment and guidance to help you develop good posture.

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