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Shoulder Problems

Shoulder problems affect millions of people across the world. The shoulder is a complex system, and its ability to move and sway depends upon the functionality of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are attached to it. The most common problem with the shoulder joint is dislocation. The shoulder literally rotates too far around, down, or up, causing the ball of the shoulder joint to pop out, or dislocate. The shoulder is very agile and capable of a lot of work. However, if the muscles are not prepared for a stretch, the shoulder can be damaged. The most important thing you can do if you experience a shoulder problem is to seek help. Trying to care for an injured shoulder without the help of a professional such as Dr. David Wootton could result in severe damage.
The shoulder can also be damaged when a separation occurs. This happens when the ligaments holding the joint together rips either slightly or completely. The collarbone and shoulder blade need to work together for successful movement to occur. When inflammation strikes the shoulder, tendinitis is present. This will cause swelling, redness, and the area will be sore. The inflammation may or may not be associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Overuse of the shoulder can cause burning, and it indicates there may be a problem.
As we age, the tendons in our shoulders wear down, degenerate, and weaken. Unfortunately, this affects the overall function of the shoulders, and patients may need to adjust the way they move their shoulders to avoid complete tears. This condition can occur with or without pain, depending on the specific case. Some people live for years without realizing they have a shoulder problem, or they just ignore the issue. At The Wootton Clinic, Dr. Wootton focuses on restoring as much mobility as possible.
Shoulder pain itself is very common as well. The pain can be dull or sharp, constant, or occurring every now and then. Underlying causes of shoulder pain need examination. A tear or strain may have occurred and maybe in need of immediate attention. There are many symptoms of shoulder issues. Anything that is not normal for you should raise concern.
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